Thursday, October 09, 2008

Endorsements Election USA 08

I was curious to see the list of endorsements for each candidate. It was striking in numbers, but also telling in names. One thing I noticed was that two (Ind/former R) Senators support one candidate while one (Ind/former D) Senator supports another. These folk sure do circle the wagons.

Back in Texas from my 30 day excursion. Had a restful and enjoyable time seeing the country and catching up with friends.

This month is the 58 month since install. Thank you, Imani for setting me straight. You are the best consultant, and I love you much! Get this, the woman has only gone up ten dollars on her services in almost four years. Still loving my Sisterlocks!

Big shout out to MARYEE... Happy 38th birthday! Love you, Sister!!!



Maryee said...

Welcome back Sister and thanks for the Birthday love!!!!

Goodnapps said...

Hey Jen! Hope you had fun. Looking good girl.

Sister-in-Locks said...

Wow! Almost 5 years. Looks great! Sounds like you had a great time. What ddi you friends think?

Miss seeing you both. We have to get together soon.

still waters said...

Your locks are looking great Jen...just stopped by to say hi!!!

one love still

big up to all the sisterlocks consultants who stay true to what they do !

Jena Evans said...

Thanks for the good energy, ladies~


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