Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Five Year Update or 60 months

Here are some pics from Christmas 2008. My five year date has come and gone.
December 13, 2003. Maryee and I spent Christmas with our adopted brother and sister Tim and Jackie Willis in Dickinson, Tx. It's really League City, but with a Dickinson/Santa Fe zip code. They are wonderful! I created the back flip tie look with my locks in the pics above. With this length, I can go without using any hair tie accessories from time to time. I still love my Brunsli Hair Tie, but desperately need an "upgrade". I've worn the ones we got a while back, out!

Have a very Happy New Year!!!


ja stu sisterlock journey said...

Happy new year and much blessings,your locs at 5 years are fabulous.

Mel said...

Jen, your locks are looking fantastic!

Have a wonderful New Year.

Jena Evans said...

Happy New Year, Ja Stu... Thank you!

Thanks, Mel... Happy belated birthday, too... Happy New Year!!!

Brown ButtahFly said...

Wow, I'm speechless, has it really been 5 years? YOur locks look amazing! How do you deal with all that hair?

Naturally Sophia said...

Happy New Year and Lockversary! Your hair looks great.

Anonymous said...

WOW! Absolutely beautiful!!

Happy New Year!!

Maryee said...

Can you style my locks like that J?

Jena Evans said...

Brown ButtahFly,

Thank you... It is a lot to deal with, but I'd rather my locs than anything else... Be blessed this year!

Thank you, Naturally Sophia and Meikmeika...

Happy New Year!

Thanks Maryee,
Whenever you'd like me to, sis!

still waters said...

WOW...your locks a regal love dem.

one love still
ps case of lock envy :)every year they come more and more into their own

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