Monday, January 08, 2007

Looking toward the future

It is so difficult for me right now to focus. God has me taking some major tests, and I am praying rapidly every time I need to take a thought hostage. The enemy would want for me to turn back, but I am not turning back. What is back there is a life of coping with the sharp stabs and sword play that leads to the art of war, deliberating on nonsense, fretting over other people's mess. I am more interested in the art of love, the discipline, the commitment, the struggle and the joy... Truth love not "real love" or "true love" in the R&B sense or any of that fluff stuff that dilutes the truth about love and life and why exactly Christ had to die. There is evil in this world people. Get over it if you think you can get by without being discerning about spiritual warfare, and if you think you do not have to constantly wash your robes daily, stop kidding yourself.

Pray without ceasing I think is the lesson God is trying to teach me. So pray everybody with me.
He wants to love you more than you'll ever know. Thank you, Lord God!

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