Monday, January 08, 2007

Fruit Be Manifest

In my mind the world is beautiful
through my eyes I know
there can only be the possibilities I create
the vision's wonderful
Carved out meadows
blossoms of gossamer's wings
every lovely thing
fine as rainbows, waters rippling
cool and satisfying
there is no denying
I am often trying
overwhelmed at best
recognizing stress
putting it to rest
it is God's purpose
that I overcome
and that joy is one
of the fruit I bare
and I know He cares
to see to it that
my faithfulness
grows in abundance
and His peace is mine
While the love's divine
working at goodness
gentle with the rest
as best as I can do
without being fooled
into people pleasing
but it's God's new season
discernment will help
with my judgment
kindness is an art refine this
patience and self-control
remind us
that it ain't easy
but we must trust
that His word is true
and He's working a new thing out in me and you
if we let Him
He will renew
in us a right Spirit
Get it
got it
See the one cent
even it says
in God we trust
it's a must
is it my imagination as this puffed up dust
He breathed life into us
breathed life into us

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