Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Testify and Confess Faith

Testify and Confess My Faith

I am a melancholy spirit

I know this and as a matter of fact

a bit choleric to add to it

so yes

If you've ever heard of the temperments

then you might have a hope of feeling me on this

I have days when I create the messes

and I have days when the messes create me

but I am accountable see

I can accept responsibility

A coward... I ain't trying to dodge my enemies

God's plan for me is always His victory

even when He's pruning me

Best believe He's loving me and helping me

keep the clouds at bay

shelters me from the storms that sway

encouraging me to keep a smile on my face

He says the first will be last and last will be first place

I work at keeping His peace with me, in me, day after day

you know it's His grace... amazing grace

His joy around, His word abound

I've bought into this?... Boy are you bent

sick and twisted... maybe even tormented

Crazy yet...

You can't purchase the Holy Spirit

listen... it's no secret... It's a free gift

shewww.... Tell every body

I have to stay focused on Christ

I like this man, this is nice (Glory)

if not I'd find myself picking up every kind of vice

I have to fight to keep the light of life in my life

ever present ever bright

that's called contending for the faith

and boy... did Paul get it right

confronting the issues is only half my battle

finding solutions in His horn and His mantle

cause problems are going to arise

and we gone have strife and need to strive

to find higher ground while the waters rise

so, let's just stop tripping and put pride aside

it's all about relationships

now who done sunk my battleship?

We are in a spiritual battle and there are those

around us who have been chosen to straddle

and there are those who are recruited to rattle

and there are brothers and sisters holding firm in the saddle of faith

believing on the One whom He sent to make it all straight

my job is to try day by day to obey

submit my body as a living sacrifice in faith

yield to His leading the way

ask for His help every day

Why I got's to argue the point

with you there's no win win it's lose lose up in this joint

I use to fight my own battles and wars

I'd say something stupid and light one square on up, boy

but ahhhh I've been delivered of that

and you ain't the one who's gone drive me right back

to that miserable existence of fret, worry, or doubt

I'd rather eat a bone in the corner of an attic alone

then to have steak with a old angry, bitter, aging woman

with a pasted up smile hiding hate and self-loath

yeah I have got to stay on the side of Christ

because in Him I have found life

I am free to serve Him and I am free to love Him

Cause I accepted that He died for this foolish woman

and He set my feet on solid ground,

and He lifted me up and turned me around

There is no "just God and me"

there is Christ, the Spirit, and the Father it's three

That is my faith a gift that was offered

I didn't choose Him, He chose me when He suffered

a criminals death on the cross for His love

so now I have to walk out His perfect love cause

The world didn't know Emmanuel... The world hated Him

and I know if it hated Him, it's gone hate me

cause you see I read, heard, and believed

faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God

Lord help me to see through all facades

Help me work this earth thing out

I know I'm an alien traveling about

I know this place is not my home

I know I have a ways to roam

but set me on the straight and narrow

discipline me so cause Your eyes on the sparrow

don't let me fall back into those old sins

that weigh me down, help me repent

Teach me to discern and to flee that serpent

I know you ain't done with me not yet

I love you, Lord

I choose just you

I love you Lord

help me stay true

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