Saturday, January 07, 2006

Songs Writing Poem Writing

A few days back, I was looking into my old poems for a poetry reading that is coming up at Beatnix Thursday the 12th. I found a piece I wrote in 1994 entitled, "There Are No Butterflies Here." This melody then popped into my head for a song to this poem. I was pleased, but the poem is very long, three stanzas but lengthy. I plan on recording the music as soon as it is solidified. Then, the hard part... it will take some work to chip away at this poem to uncover the song's lyrics, but I realize it wants birth and life, so the effort I will give to her.

My songs are poems and my poems are songs. They long to find their lifelong mates to join them in eternity. They are content to stay the course until the end draw nigh.


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