Sunday, January 01, 2006

My Babies

These are the tools of my trade, my little ones. I love them. I have the bass, the electric guitar, the amps for each, and my G4 Apple equipped with GarageBand "the early edition." I am seeking a drum set since Santa didn't deliver my 33 year old husband drummer. I have a little money I am saving, and I am looking around. It was recommended that I look into pawn shops (for drums... not a husband "yuck!") and not purchase a $300.00 starter set from Sam's or Walmart. Well,... Pray for me, pray for others, and be fantastically blessed in 2006! I am praying for you, too!


1 comment:

Chassidy said...

Awww! Ms. Evans! I thought by "my babies" there would be pictures of your students! (By your students I mean lots of pics of me!) Love you!

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