Wednesday, December 14, 2005

My SisterLock History

It was a little over two years ago when my sister Maryee got home from Imani's shop with her Sisterlocks.

She had researched and researched. Asked questions. Joined weird yahoo groups. Pestered me to take a look. I am wondering what all the hulabaloo was all about... it’s just another type of dreadlock, ain't it? Expensive as all get out, but locks nonetheless. Besides, I had had locks on and off for over 13 years.

And, at that point I had shaved my head down to the quick just a year earlier and just twisted up my hair for the upteenth time to start anew with my locks... I had been working up to about three to four inches of 2-strand twists for about two or three months.

Now, I was happy for Maryee because her hair care drama was in its last season (The Show’s Finale if you will), and I could watch a fresh new show called, "My Sister Has Shut Up About Needing To Find Someone To Braid, Weave, Crochete, Extend, etc Her Hair."

Well, let me tell you... When Maryee came in from Imani's Shop, I was floored. These little suckers were cool. Tiny as all get out, but orderly and neat. It took three days, and I was done envying her hair. My locks wilted from the brightness of these little upstarts.

At that point I swallowed my pride, scraped together some quick cash, had Maryee to call this Imani chick to see if she could lock me before we were to leave for Texas from California for the holidays. I had about ten days.

Now if you have Sisterlocks, you know the deal. Wear the test locks for a week or two. Come back for an evaluation. Schedule the appointment for the locking. Plus, there could possibly be a back up of other ladies and gents waiting for their lock dates. There was no way I was going to Texas looking like I was looking standing next to Maryee's Sisterlocks.

Fortunately, Imani was a generous and kind soul. Fortunately, someone cancelled. Fortunately, Imani let me come over to her house instead of the shop because she had to pull double duty sitting with her toddler daughter.

Fortunately, I got "hooked up".

She took into account that I had had experience with locking my hair for over ten years. She let me go about five days with the test locks, and she allowed me to proceed with the locking without the between-interview. Thank you Oh gracious one, Imani Nash-Bey. I love you, Sister. I miss you, too.

I loved them from the time I saw Maryee's. And, tomorrow will be two years. There you have my confessional. Traditional locks K'O'd by Sisterlocks. Even in my rebellion to have my locks sized between a traditional Sisterlock and Brotherlock, I am more pleased with this locking system than any other process I have worked with.

Kill drum roll, now.

God’s rich blessings, peace and goodwill to all this holiday season!

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MEE said...

Sixteen Months later and this post is such a joy to read! Thanks for sharing your "confessional". I love you Sister.

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