Sunday, December 11, 2005

DFW Pictures 12/10

LaChanda - This woman is powerful; a quiet calming strength
Teresa - This sister is real about being real and beautiful (hoping she locks)

LaChanda, Jen, BlaqKofi and Dianne

BlaqKofi is a wonderful woman full of the gifts of kindness and a ministry of helps... just lovely
Dianne I just meet, but she is striking and bold. When she speaks, people listen; yet another sister of strength of character

A photo montage Maryee did for me... I do love my sister and my sisterlocks and these pictures

LaChanda and Jen (I just love this shot)

Bev and Maryee

Bev is a gentle spirit whose presence is good for the spirit; Stay loving
Maryee... Well, I live with her and the privilege most days is all mine

I just wanted to post some other pictures that were taken. I hope my new sisterlock friends and non-sisterlock friends grow in peace, love and harmony on this journey called life. More photos to come. If you are looking for other photos of others from the gathering, please click on any link to the right. There were tons taken.

Blessings, sister-friends!

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