Saturday, December 10, 2005

I Need A Vocal Microphone, A MIDI System and A Drummer Friend

I would truly love to have a drummer and a good vocal mic for Christmas. Let the drummer also be my 33 year old future husband, too. Thanks Santa. On Keyboard in picture... Kory, the handsome youngest son of BlaqKofi of the DFW Sisterlock group. Peace, love and blessings, Kory!

This music experience has been one of the most frustrating adventures I have ever happenstancedly embarked on. It has been about two years and 9 months since God gave me an acoustic guitar and nothing but time to get to it. Since March 2003, I have learned to play the instrument fairly competently, and I have written over fifty original songs and lyrics.

While learning patience and obedience, I have found out many things about myself and my ambitions. One, I can be lazy as all get out when it comes to necessary details, but I eventually get to it. Two, I am gifted in composition more so than I even imagined. Boy, if I had musicians willing to work with me, engineers gifted in sound recording, and singers to assists... this hot air balloon could get off the ground. Three, my drive to get things done by recruiting other's assistance has died down significantly over the past ten to twelve years.

I am at a stand still tying to figure out how to exactly go about solving my problem. We have very talented people here in Waco, but there seems to be a disconnect somewhere that is keeping me from my goal of organizing a group of local like-minded artists. The adults are overwhelmed by a deep-rooted system of economic disparity, there is lots of apathy, but the children, the teenagers are hungry for something more, but scared because there has been no modeling set before them that encourages them to strive to be happy... not just exist to be content. To strive to be themselves right where they are, not to think that they must be flawless to be accepted. We have very exceptional artists in our town, but I am more interested in the very exceptional person who is just willing to try to share something of themselves just because it might be fun for everyone.

I am still making the difficult choice everyday to look within myself, to challenge myself, to change myself so as to be a blessings to someone else. Conform me to truth, that's the way. Conform me to light, that's the way. Conform me to Christ. That's the way. Give me new life! In Love, give me new life!

Blessings To All this season!!!

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Jena Evans said...

I didn't ask the Lord so today I am dissappointed that I got not my requests... I am blessed nonetheless

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