Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Strengthening The Roots

Sisters, Mothers and Daughters, Sisters... We strengthened our roots once again. Here are a few pictures from Dr. Cornwell's visit to DFW.

Be blessed~


Cee said...

Look like you all had a beautiful time.. Sorry that I didn't get to make it, but we already had plans that could not be changed.. Thanks for sharing the pictures, Jen.. Everyone looks great.

Creyole said...

I love the post title and connection! Had a blast!

Carmen In NC said...

Thank you for sharing your life through blogging - lost to read and many pictures.

Jena Evans said...

Thanks Cee, Creyole and Carmen in NC~

I hope to see you at the next gathering, Cee. This one was laid back but informative.

Creyole girl, it is always a pleasure. Need more time to catch up and talk, though... Be blessed~

Welcome to the loc blogs CinNC... Hope you are well.

Be blessed~

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