Monday, February 19, 2007

A Waco Thanks to DFW ladies


I would like to thank everyone who attended the February 18th DFW Sisterlock Gathering in Waco. I would also like to thank those who had a heart to attend, but due to circumstances, were unable. Blessings to you! I had a wonderful time at Beatnix learning more about each one of you. It was a blessings to host this event, and I so look forward to the next gathering in March. Maryee and I both were pleased as punch to host this event. I would like to especially thank my sister... she is the bomb at planning events. That's my sissy~

As always, you ladies are

a welcomed manifestation of God's glorious spirit...
a cool breeze that for a moment
takes me to that place of peace
called "sisterhood unrehearsed"
verse by verse
in dances of splendor...
delighting in candor
surrendered to a genteel space
of grace... an oft' astounding place
of time set aside
to embrace
each other
in our natural state
and I will always remember


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