Monday, December 04, 2006

Jay Turser On the Way JT55C

Praise God.

I was able to purchase my new level of electric guitar. I decided to upgrade from my Silvertone to a Fender Stratocaster. After being out bidded on a few strats, I began to think about the JT.

While working at Richard Thomas' Band Instrument Repair Shop in Waco, I had the pleasure of playing his JT55C. Well, I loved playing it, and as it turns out, e-bay had two that were available. I stopped bidding on Strats and turned to Jay Turser's. One JT55C was up for auction the other was at a fixed price of 280.00 (free shipping). I went for the JT on auction which was listed as new and never played. I won it in the last second for 202.25 (plus 20.00 shipping).

I look forward to this new instrument, and I am adding the drums to the family very very soon. Those will be the entry level Pearl Forum Series. I played these at Carver Academy and just thought they would be perfectly ideal for me to begin my drumming training.

Be blessed, Ya'll!


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