Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Almost 3 years

Here are some updated pics... And a poem...

Rebirth God's Will

We have all fallen short of the mark
yet we strive to be the best
though every test the bar is set
yet we stumble or we fret

To believe we can achieve to attain
the goals we've chose
At every starting line we rise
to sometimes slowly fall

But our chins they may be scarred
and our heels they may be bruised
and our hearts they may be torn
and our hands they may be worn

We are revived with renewed life
every time we regain sight
and we live although we're maimed
with yet another goal to claim

Be the best at what you do
even if it's only you
trying to do what is right
though the world know not your plight

It's the struggle of all men
to press on until the end
when all the questions of this earth
will be answered in rebirth

So be at peace with this world
it's not our home it's not our pearl
keep your heart securely fastened
to a love that's everlasting

Take in hand wisdom's light
she will carry you in flight
she will tarry with you still
as the lover of God's will

She will tarry with you still
As the lover of God's will


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