Saturday, May 06, 2006

Recording Live at Beatnix

Last week Alpha Balance played at Beatnix coffee house.Photos of Nick Stewart, Daniel (Congas) and Kessler (Bass).

I recorded them with my laptop. Me recording... (mac computer). I burned Nick twenty-two songs ( a couple of repeats). I got to sing Yesterday with Nick that night. Checkout the soundclick if you get a chance.

For Chass- Fasting means "to go without"... (often associated with food). An internet fast is basically staying off the internet highway/e-mail for a lot of days consecutively. Access Denied! Luv ya!

All ya'll be blessed... Walk in the light... Accept the fact that you "made that choice" how ever short-sighted... and know that on occasion, it may not be your fault, but if you won't or don't get passed it, that is your fault. Choice.

God's grace abound!!!

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