Tuesday, April 18, 2006

46 Day Fast: E-mail/Internet

Whoa! I just completed a fast from the internet. I am well pleased. I feel healthy and refreshed. For a moment there I was getting swept away surfing and blogging, but today the dog again wags the tail.

Lots have been going on since March 1st when I went off the board. Beatnix has an open mic jam that I have been courageously performing at every Saturday night. My fifteen minutes are mostly spent strumming out my own ditties and half-hearted attempts at singing... I must work to overcome this fear of singing. Nick lets me sing with him sometimes. YESTERDAY is the song (Paul McCartney) is the lyricist. I love when he lets me join in.

Here's is a picture of me and Jason rocking on STAND. He tore it up on the bongo's. We got a great big applause on his break beats. That was too cool. Thanks, Jason. Yeah!!! STAND can be heard on my soundclick but without Jason ):

Well... I'll write more later. Gotta get my sea legs back under me!

Be extremely blessed with the measure of faith God has given each man!!!


Chass said...

Hey. Since you visited my site, I had to visit yours. Hey, what's an internet fast? Have you ever been a sub at A.J. Moore? That's where I'm going next year.

Jena Evans said...

Hi Chass,

An internet fast is essentially this: Not using the internet or e-mail at all for any reason under any circumstance for an extended period of time.

I subbed once at A. J. Moore. I hope you like your choice of High Schools.

Be Blessed!!!

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