Friday, December 30, 2005

Twist, Band, and Shampoo

Seeing that it is New Years Eve, I decided to shampoo my locks. Posted by Picasa

Also, we were over relatives yesterday and the cigarettes were ablazin'. This resulted in smoke-filled clothes and hair. Nothing against smokers, I smoked for almost 20 years (off and on in the beginning, and up to two to three packs a week before I quit November 2004.) The incredible thing is that I never smelled like smoke and very few people even believed I smoked unless they actually saw me with a B&H menthol or AmSpirit.

No one else in the family smoked growing up except me and Daddy. (My whacked out way of trying to hurt him and connect with him). Daddy quit about ten years ago. I am happy that God showed me what my problem was which resulted in my quitting and being spiritually freed from that addiction/dependency a little over a year ago. I learned to just apply scripture like a band-aid (Rom 8:28), and believe that God is good and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. Praise Him! The joy of the Lord is my strength.

Now... uuuhh, about the locks... I did shampoo my hair a week ago, but I am battling with dry scalp/skin. The flakes are driving me batty. Help anyone!!!.

After I get under the hair dryer, I will post the results of the twist, band, and shampoo...

It is 8:00pm. Here are the results. Special thanks go out to Maryee... the World's Best SisterStylist!!!

My locks are very large and very bulky. I am getting a little concerned, ya'll. (lol)
Be blessed......

Be highly favored

Be loved by someone today
and forgive somebody...


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