Thursday, December 01, 2005

Jena Evans Music

Thank you for checking in on my blog. I am a bit tentative about this venture, but here we go anyway.

What you will find here is I hope a journal of this experience. I am a one woman band right now. Everything you hear from me is played, sung, recorded and mixed by me with the exception of one song. Your Love Lifted Me has a track with Sharon Rose Martin that we did in Houston, TX. We are hoping to get back together to see what happens because it was totally impromptu... this recording session in her living room at 10:30pm. Check out my Soundclick and vote for my music today or at least leave me a message of encouragement if you see fit to abide by the terms of registrating to enter the site. I have twelve songs so far. Thanks you.

Peace and Blessings!


Maryee said...

Glad to see you have so many of my favorite songs on your soundclick. Love you!!


Chassidy said...

Hey ms. Evans! In case u don't know who this is this the "can never 4get about her" Chassidy! I luv and I'm almost through readind your whole blog. i just remembered ur sister's web address an it mention your blog so I came to yours too. Love you both. Bye!!!!!

Chassidy said...

Sorry about all the errors in my last comment! Did u even get it? My corrections: "In case u 4got this is the can never 4get about her Chassidy." "I'm almost through reading your whole blog."

Chassidy said...

I almost 4got, (see I didn't 4get, but I almost did) I love you and your sister's blogs. By the way, I write poetry 2, I just don't really tell anybody. But right now I would call myself novice and amateur. I'm probably annoying you so I'll quit leaving these messages. I'm going to tell other kids to come to u and ur sister's blogs (they'll listen cuz I'm so popular!!!)

Chassidy said...

I'm sorry but I had 2 leave another 1. If my grandma or my mama lets me, I'm gonna start my own blog and we can stay in contact!!