Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Red, Brown, and Gray all over

It's in there. Can't wait until the gray is more pronounced. Right now I just want to cut those gray hairs down to the nub.

Loc count: 275 total.



DJT said...

All I can say is wow...ur locks are beautiful.

Moosiko said...

They look fabulous! I, too, have gray popping up all over at the roots. I was contemplating coloring my hair as I did with my first locks. That, however, was just a passing thought I'm going to let it grow out more and see if I can get that sexy salt-and-pepper look.

Brown ButtahFly said...

YOur locks are so nice and thick, they look lovely!

Aya said...

I just love your locks. They are beautiful. I hear ya about the gray. I want to color it but am ambivalent about it.

S0uthernGirl said...

Looking good :)

I love a headful of salt and pepper hair... instead I have little strays hairs that pop up in patches. I would much rather have it be all or nothing lol. I plucked one that had the nerve to show up in the front of my head the other day!

ja stu sisterlock journey said...

your locks are fabulous,I had 3colors myself,so I went and colored my locks,I am enjoying my new color, looking forward to having salt and pepper sometime soon.

Jena Evans said...

djt, Thank you... I'm tempted to color, but there isn't enough water pressure around these parts~ lol!

Moosiko, Thank you. I too am looking soooo forward to the salt and pepper. I have earned every gray strand, so bring them on!

Brownbuttahfly, Thank you... Don't let the thickness fool you. That is hair in need of re-tightening~ lol.

Aya, Thank you. Gray randomly popping up is so annoying. I am tempted to color, too. Must move 1st!

Southerngirl., Thank you. You are so much on point about wanting to pluck out those grays up front. I have taken the small clippers to them, but must admit... I have relented to the inevitable~ lol.

Jastu, Thank you. I am so glad you are pleased with the color you have. The three tones can be a bit annoying indeed. Uniformity is great.

I want to be at peace with this transformation, but I do waffle back and forth between coloring and leaving it be. Mostly because of the issue of uniformity.

Thanks for all the feedback.

Be blessed Ladies~

Maryee said...

Hey J,

Let's color our hair together! Game?

N'Drea said...

I love your locks. You're such an inspiration. :)

dewdrop said...

Wow your locks have grown so much ans they look great!

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