Friday, January 11, 2008

Paint My World Discovered poem

Paint my world in lovely colors
bursting boldly beyond borders
spilling over calm and rage
dripping slowly off the page

Paint my world in giant letters
giant figures, giant grounds
Paint my world so as I look
about it I can hear the sounds

Paint it brillant
Paint it stunning
Paint it sudden
Paint it cunning

Let the work both prowl and prey
let the work discover me
let the work be effortless
let the work be fully met

Let every color, let it free
Pour the grace that's given me
Fill the cracks and fill the pores
beget the painting open doors

Free the captive mind run dry
be that thing that catches cries
let the tears stream from the eyes
and mix in with the painting's rise

Paint my world discovery
paint my world so I may see
Dash the brush about the air
Let not the stroke remain impaired

Paint the world and paint the heavenlies
Fingers, hearts, and minds in revelry
Little laughters spring up suddenly
happy faces roundly clammering

Paint my world I ask, I pray
paint my world entirely
from this life I'll pass away
but make sure that Your colors stay

Paint my world discovered



SistaLocd said...

What a beutiful poem! It was so well put together, you are truly gifted. I love your new page.
Take Care,


Goodnapps said...

Love the poem. Makes me wanna go out and read it at a poetry slam. I'll have to work on the public speaking nerves.

Jena Evans said...


Thank you. I was so admiring some of the new layouts of other bloggers, I felt the desire to change mine, too. Thank you for reading and commenting on the poem, too. God gives me a lot of stuff. He is good.


Thank you for your comments. It is indeed encouraging to know that someone would want to get on the stage and read poetry let alone some work of mine. Get the nerves on up, sister... I hope you find a reading soon. Do let me know how it goes... You will do great!


~malaikablu~ said...

*snaps* in applause... nicely done!

Jena Evans said...


Thank you for your comment... That was very kind of you.


n'Drea said...

Simply beautiful. Love it.

BTW, you're tagged. Stop by my blog.

NappTown said...

Girl you are soooooo talented! I wish I could her you recite it.
Stay blessed.

Jena Evans said...

n'Drea and NappTown,

Thanks for stopping by and commenting on the writing... Keep doing what you do...


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