Friday, May 25, 2007

I Am The Poet and the Poem

I am the poet and the poem
I am the coolness and the warm
I am the gentle and the harm
I am the silence and alarm

I am the tiny grain of sand
I am the rain upon the land
I am the color of the wind
I am the clouds as they begin

I am the canyon and the echo
both the stardust and the star glow
I'm the diamond and the hard coal
both the bright yes and the dark no

I am the seeker and the finder
both the clear way and the blinder
I am the with and the without
Both an open and closed mouth

I am the quiet and the storm
I am the found and the forlorn
I am the sower and the reap
I am the laughter and the weep

I am the shoe upon the floor
the in and outside of the door
the now and future evermore
I am the sea and that sea's shore

I am the center of all things
and the outer distant rings
Every tear and every dream
the playful child of make-believe

While yet I'm sleeping and awake
it is both life and death I take
It is my heart that's bound to break
And when it mends, more love will make

blessings~ copyright 2007
MJS Productions


n'Drea said...

Simply beautiful.

Jena Evans said...

Thank you, N'Drea...

Your braces are cool... I am looking forward to your six month update.


n'Drea said...

Thanks Jena. I'm looking forward to it too. Just a few weeks away.

Goodnapps said...

Oh I love it!

Cee said...

Beautiful poem..

Cee said...

Didn't see that you have been tagged, so tag you're it.

Anonymous said...

This poem is REALLY the real thing ... I know you've had it published, right?? :-)


Jena Evans said...

Thanks Goodnapps, Cee, and BlessedGemLady...

I have been away for a minute, but will try to update soon.

My sister and I are planning on publishing a hard copy book POD soon. For now, I just share through blogging and myspace. I have not sought out the stamp and send publishing outlets these days.

Be blessedGemLady!!!

Maryee said...

This is one of my absolute favorite poems of yours. Thanks for letting me read it at Poetry night last week, Sis.

Love you!

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