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Deja Vu asked... plus 3 year update

...~~~~~~~~~~~~I am having Sisterlocks installed on the 20th and wanted to ask you some questions about your choice in size. I love the way your sisterlocks look in your pictures. I was thinking about getting the largest size myself but I noticed that in your profile, you state that you regret not going with the "standard" sizing. Would you be willing to share what you see as the pros and cons of going with the larger size sisterlocks? I am especially interested in knowing what problems you have had due to
your larger locs and why it is that you regret the size. I am hoping that you are willing to share your experience so that I am able to make a more informed decision (we have the same hairtype btw).

Thank you so very much.

Deja Vu

Hi Deja Vu:

God bless you and welcome to the Sisterlock family (soon enough)!

To answer your question: The Pain... The Pain...

1. I have worn my hair locked for years. I would do them myself starting off with the two strand twist. As a result, I considered myself to have larger locks because of that process. Essentially, what I really had were smaller locks about the size of what traditional Sisterlocks are when mature.

Because the two strand twist required that I twist two sections of hair until they began to mat/lock and then pull them apart after a few weeks, the result was always a smaller lock when pulled apart. But because I would wear my hair twisted when out and about for weeks, and I was always randomly pulling the twists apart and re-twisting them, I grew to regard my locks as larger. That was a self-deceit. But all I did was twist and pull apart... not re-tighten.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~2. After the initial locking by Imani, I was pleased with the thickness because it reminded me of that familiar place. But, as the process began to take hold, I noticed that the thickness for me lended itself to a bit of roughness in hair texture that I was not use to with my natural locks. As well roughness with hair handling which I was not use to. Rarely did anyone touch my head from young adulthood... up until Sisterlocks.

I loved the orderly fashion of Sisterlocks, but didn't like the amount of hair each lock contained because they do/did "fatten" up. Hence, this makes for a painful retightening experience for this tenderheaded child. Also, with my previous twisted locks, I never re-tightened. I didn't know anything about that process until Sisterlocks.

3. The good side is that I only had about 450 locks when the locks were installed. The down side is that I could have easily ended up with well over 500 or close to 600 with the traditional installation. Today, I am down to between 350 and 400 locks because of errors in locking two together or choosing to combine locks. Another up side is that my hair sometimes thins in the middle of the lock, but with the thicker lock, I have more lock for the thinning to get through. A down side... lots of thick hair... lots of heavy thick hair. But that's a plus, too.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~4. Another plus, is they are thick and healthy locks. Maryee complains some days about her thin root beds. I have no complaints. My root beds are roomy enough for no complaints to ensue. My biggest issue is with the pain of retightening. Them thick babies get pulled through a tiny space no matter how your root bed spreads. I am tenderheaded and there is no getting around that fact.

I think in my mind I believe that if the locks were smaller, the pain would be smaller. I do not consider this all together a true(ism). But, all in all... I like the look of my sister's locks and have days of envy. Her hair is more uniformed in width and length. Mine persists in growing in layers. I deal and have dealt with bunching. She never had that problem or has that problem. Big locks lay in my face, tiny ones in hers... etc...

Keep in mind that all my locks are not across the board "large". There're small locks, medium locks and super fat locks up in this head. I doubt if anyone is going to have the perfect set of uniformity, but I'm happy with these babies, cause they's my babies. I'm at peace with my choice.

Have fun. Be patient. And make the best of what you decide. And by the way... another good thing about my size Sisterlocks is that it gives people like yourself options, and I am glad you found this page to consider just that, another option! Thank you for the question.

Here are two pics of my two-strand twist locks (circa 2002)... I use to do amature stand-up (hence the make-up), and the other pic is from a trip to Amsterdam, Holland. I know the hats don't provide a great view of my locks, but this is about 3 and 1/2 years to 4 years of growth. I am at 3 years now and will probably have about the same length of growth in about the same amount of time.

God's grace and mercy abound and blessings to you this holiday season.

I hope this helps.



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