Friday, November 03, 2006

Open Mic at The JAVA HUT in Hewitt, TX

Every Friday night is open mic at the JAVA HUT in Hewitt, Tx. (Just head toward the Richland Mall on Hwy 84/Waco Drive and keep going until you hit Hewitt Drive... Take a left onto Hewitt Drive and go about a mile and 1/2... The Java Hut is in a shopping center on the right hand side.)

The owners, Karen and Rich are awesome. They are a husband and wife team full of hope and fun and good news. The Java Hut is open seven days a week and offers a great menu of coffees, smoothies, and munchies. I enjoy my stay there when I am able to make the hike... They even have a knitting group and featured live music night.

Well, tonight I played for about an hour. The crowd thinned out as the time wore on, but I did get a two dollar tip and it wasn't even feature artist night. The man said he liked my music and left the tip on a chair my jacket was hanging on. Too, cool... and How cool is that???.....

I am finding that I have a soothing style of selections and that I need to stick with that style. It is unique and relaxing. God knows we need more relaxation music.

I am growing more and more in the music and the music is growing more and more in me. I thank God and praise Him for the grace to grow through this wonderful and most time lonely experience. To the faithful who hung in there with me tonight by choice, force or accident, thank you for your company, and I enjoyed yours, too.


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