Monday, July 24, 2006

Jen wants to share this video with you!

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Jena Evans playing Little Girl, with Jason Millerd on drums

and Miles Morgan on the bass. 7-22-06 at Beatnix Coffeehouse

Waco, Tx

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Clay Hotchkiss said...

Jena, I really enjoyed watching this. Your playing has improved a lot since I last listened (maybe a year ago). Keep going! I can just see the passion and life that you are fusing into your music. Clay

Jena Evans said...

Hey Clay,

Thanks for checking out my blog... I just got a new "used" guitar... a DEAN... I like alot... I hope to keep improving...


I checked out your soundclick today... it has been a while, but I still like your music, kiddo!

Keep on doing that thing you do and keep creatin'~

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