Sunday, February 05, 2006

Music Refresher

From January 11th until now I have been substitute teaching at G.W. Carver Middle School. The subject: Choir! I will be subbing through February 10th. It has been a blessing for me to have this opportunity because it has allowed me to be steeped in music theory to a degree, lyrical arrangement, and sight reading notes and chords. I have not had to do this type of work since High School band, and back then I played trumpet and only had to keep up with one row of notes at a time and only three valves.

I have breaks throughout the day because this class is an elective. Often during these breaks the band director allows me to practice the drum kits. This thrills me to no end, and I can say I am getting better with practice. Next week is my last week in Choir. It will be missed, the drum breaks will be missed, the children will be missed and the elective teachers will be missed. Thanks so very much Mr. Swann.

Be blessed!

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Chass said...

Hey Ms. Evans I know it's later (somewhere around 10 I haven't looked yet) but I have my own blog!

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