Sunday, January 15, 2006

Open Mic Poetry

Photo- Tim W. And Jenaevans Thanksgiving Jam
Beatnix, a coffee house in Waco off 19th and Lakeshore Drive hosts a poetry reading open mic every Thursday at 7pm. I read this past Thursday along with Maryee, Charlie out of NYC, Jason a Ph.D. in Theology candidate, Richard a 12 year old, and Charlie's nephew named Dillon I think read. Felicia and Linda came out. I also brought my electric guitar out. I played to warm up and close out the poetry reading. It was cool to get up there, but it revealed I needed to practice more with purpose and intent to play live.

Penney's son (Penney is one of the owners) plays drums. We met Thursday, too. We are going to begin getting together so he can learn guitar and help me out with some drumming. We shall see. He is a high school senior. God is so good. I also have promised to get some lead sheets to Richard the twelve year old who also plays piano and who also is Penney's other son.

Beatnix has an open jam night, too. I plan on bringing out the guitar and vocals to sing at least two songs one night in the very near future.

Be Blessed!

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